Our Alumni!

As a Manager, you will gain many advantages that will propel you forward in your career. Many Summer Management alumni will tell you that their experience and learning from our program was the foundation of their successful career and that their experience is still very relevant today in their current positions.

Another very important benefit is the network of people you will be building up around you through this program. You will meet liked minded, energetic, hardworking people just like you, many of whom you will continue to connect with long after you leave the program. Many of our alumni have found jobs and business opportunities through other SMP alumni! Please listen to what these alumni have to say about their experience The Summer Management Program.

Potential Employers

Our Program has gained great attention from outside employers as our “graduates” have gained so many important business and life skills that set them apart from their peers. In addition, many of our alumni come to us looking for students who have graduated from our program because they know they will be getting a referral to a hardworking, entrepreneurial thinker, a person they know will be a successful addition to their business. Many of our Managers have gone on to very successful careers working in high profile companies and running very successful entrepreneurial ventures.

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